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Auto Air Conditioning in Watford, ON

Car Air Conditioning Service

As summer approaches, it is critical to inspect the condition of your vehicle’s air conditioner. The poor operation of your air conditioner will have a detrimental influence on both your wallet and your health. To feel comfortable inside your car in hot weather, ensure your ac is functioning correctly.

Changing your car’s HVAC settings from “heating” to “air conditioning,” you may encounter a faulty auto AC system. What can you do if your vehicle’s air conditioning system fails? Read on to learn more or visit LaSalle Auto Centre in Watford, ON.

What Is a Car Air Conditioning System?

Typically a car AC system is comprised of numerous valuable components such as a condenser, evaporator, compressor, sensors, and refrigeration. If any one of the components experiences any technical glitch, it will directly impact the performance of your air conditioning system. That’s why regular maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of an AC system.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

The air-conditioning system in your car is made up of five major components:

  • The refrigerant (gas)
  • The compressor (which holds the refrigerant)
  • Condenser receiver
  • Thermoplastic expansion valve
  • Coils for evaporation

How these components work together can be demonstrated as follows:

Step 1. When the air conditioner is turned on, the gas refrigerant flows to the condenser. Fresh air from the atmosphere passes over the condenser, causing the gas to cool & turn into a dark liquid.

Step 2. Before reaching a thermal expansion valve, the liquid travels through a receiver, which eliminates contaminants. By controlling the flow of the liquid, you can alter the temperature. As the liquid goes through the evaporation coils, it turns into a vapor, which is then blown into the cabin as cool air.

Step 3. By this stage, the refrigerant has reverted to gas and returns to the compressor, ready for the process to begin again.

Why Is the AC in My Car Not Blowing Cold Air?

Low Charge

Your air conditioner may not be generating cool air because it is low on charge. This is the most prevalent explanation for a car AC failure out of all the possibilities.

A low AC charge could be the cause of insufficient cooling, and the only method to fix the problem is to recharge the air conditioner. You can recharge the refrigerant yourself or get a professional to do it for you.

Refrigerant Leakage

Another possibility for your AC not blowing cold air is leaking refrigerant. With low pressure in the system, the compressor cannot cycle properly, resulting in hot air. Because refrigerant leakage can occur at any point of the AC unit hose connections, search for possible oily substance accumulation and seal it with the recommended sealant (the one specifically developed for air conditioning units) while looking for it.

If there is an issue with the system’s mechanical component, a seal may not be enough to stop the refrigerant leak. In the event of a big leak, you may need to flush out the entire refrigerant and replenish the fluid appropriately.

Cabin Filter Damage

The car cabin filter separates dust particles when they enter the vehicle from the front end while driving. A malfunctioning air cabin filter will insufficiently filter out the junk that enters in, and this debris collection could damage the motor fans as well as the automobile AC condenser.

Condenser Damage

A similar instance where you feel the hot air from your car’s AC, but it’s caused by other parts failing. Trash and debris from the road may not block your car’s aircon condenser, but they may damage it or cause it to fail.

You may check for cases by physically inspecting the front of your automobile condenser for obstructions or damage caused by road debris.

How Often Should I Recharge My Car AC?

The air conditioning in your automobile should be replenished every two years or so. However, if you detect any indicators that your air conditioner needs to be recharged, you should take your car in as soon as possible.

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