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Mitsubishi Repair in Shetland, ON

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LaSalle Auto Centre has expert technicians who have years of experience working on Mitsubishi vehicles for both service and repair in Shetland, ON! Our technicians can handle everything from a simple oil change to complex repairs for all Mitsubishi vehicles.

Mitsubishi vehicles offer compact cars to large SUVs and crossovers. Mitsubishi combined performance and affordability making every vehicle a stylish unit.

But of course, all vehicles, new or old, will need regular maintenance and/or repairs during their lifetime. General maintenance like oil changes, tire rotation, alignment checks all performed on a regular basis will help your vehicle last longer, and help avoid any large costly repairs down the road.

We are a great dealership alternative. We offer all the same repairs and services as a dealership would, while still keeping your Mitsubishi vehicle warranty intact. Call today to book your appointment for repair and service in Shetland, ON.

Mitsubishi Services Available in Shetland, ON at LaSalle Auto Centre

We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top driving condition. Some of these services include:

Whether it’s replacing your brake pads, diagnosing why your car isn’t working, or getting your battery replaced. We pay attention to every detail and provide the best experience possible. Call today to book your Mitsubishi service appointment in Shetland, ON!

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